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Rogue Valley Times - 05/18/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Peter Toogood

Commissioners’ salaries an issue

Current commissioners Colleen Roberts and Rick Dyer could see their salaries increase to $150,009.60 starting this July 1.

Rogue Valley Times - 05/17/2024 - Letter to the Editor, John Enders

Voting a right, and a duty

We read a lot of election letters for this candidate or that, this measure or that one.

Rogue Valley Times - 05/16/2024 - Letter to the Editor, H. Sirah

Support commissioner measures

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners needs restructuring for fair, effective representation of all voters.

Rogue Valley Times - 05/15/2024

One week before Jackson County primary, voter turnout 'very, very slow'

Clerk talks election security, expects less than half of ballots will be returned, says presidential primary the 'weirdest' she's seen

Rogue Valley Times - 05/11/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Michael Sawicky

Nonaffiliated are disenfranchised

Excuse me. Or as they used to say to invoke inflection, Excuuuuuusssse Me!

Jefferson Public Radio  - 05/07/2024

Jackson and Josephine counties will vote on measures to restructure county government

Voters’ decisions on ballot measures in the May 21 primary could have big impacts on the structure and function of Josephine and Jackson county governments.

Rogue Valley Times - 05/06/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Alberto Enriquez

Support board reform measures

Election signs that provoke belly laughs? Thank our trio of part-timers, Jackson County’s commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 05/06/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Beverly Vondra

More Commissioners needed

I listened to the audio presentation of the Jackson County Commissioners staff meeting on Thursday, March 28 ...

Rogue Valley Times - 05/04/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Harry Foster

Support commissioner measures

The proposed election Measures 15-224, 15-225 and 15-226 are intended to change the office of county
commissioner ...

Jefferson Public Radio  - 05/02/2024

The Jackson County Commissioner measures: the case for change

Three county commissioners, all elected from political parties, all earning six-figure salaries.

Rogue Valley Times - 05/02/2024

Jackson County commissioner pay rivals that of other Oregon counties

Salaries a contentious issue; newly approved increases to take effect in July

Rogue Valley Times - 04/29/2024

OREGON PRIMARY: County commissioners ballot measures hit political divide

Jackson County for All seeks to increase commissioner seats from three to five, make them nonpartisan, cut salaries to $75,000

Rogue Valley Times - 04/18/2024

Elected officials' salary committee discusses 4.6% raises, county surveyor's second job

Scott Fein claims his work for Curry County since last summer is 'no secret,' but it caught salary board by surprise

Rogue Valley Times - 04/18/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Brent Thompson

Nonaffiliated voters still have time to register for primary

There is still time for non-affiliated voters to choose a party for the May primary election.

Rogue Valley Times - 04/10/2024

Jackson County administrator presents $640-million recommended budget

It represents a 4.7% increase from the current fiscal year; personnel costs make up brunt of expenses in projected spending plan

Rogue Valley Times - 03/18/2024

Candidate drops out, Krause unopposed for Dem commissioner nomination

With the withdrawal of one of two candidates, the race for Jackson County's Democratic nominee in the race for county commissioner will be uncontested.

Rogue Valley Times - 03/15/2024

Lineup of Medford Republicans and Democrats runs for county commissioner seat

Three Medford Republicans and two Democrats have lined up to run for the Jackson County commissioner seat now held by Dave Dotterrer.

Jefferson Public Radio  - 03/14/2024

Oregon Secretary of State declines to investigate Jackson County for alleged elections law violations

A local citizens’ group had requested that an investigation be conducted into county leadership for their handling of upcoming county ballot measures.

Rogue Valley Times - 03/14/2024 - Letter to the Editor, John Littleton

Commissioners measures forum proved worthwhile for all

Thank you to Jackson County for All and to those who attended the town hall at the Medford Library.

KDRV Newwatch 12  - 03/13/2024

Denise Krause to run for Jackson County Commissioner

Denise Krause -- one of the heads of the "Jackson County For All" movement that pushed three ballot measures to restructure the Jackson County Commissioners Office -- is running for commissioner herself.

KOBI News  - 03/13/2024

‘Jackson County for All’ signatures verified, will be on May ballot

Jackson County for All is reacting to it successfully making the May ballot.

KDRV Newwatch 12  - 03/13/2024

State declines Jackson County investigation for group's election law complaint

Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan is sharing the decision today by Oregon Secretary of State's Office to not open an investigation into him and the County's Board of Commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 03/11/2024

County commissioner ballot measures qualify for May 21 primary election

Voters will decide whether to expand board, lower commissioners' salaries and make positions nonpartisan

KDRV Newwatch 12  - 03/11/2024

'Jackson County for All' initiatives approved for May ballot

The three petitions proposed by the group "Jackson County For All" have officially been approved, and will be on the ballot this May.

Rogue Valley Times - 03/08/2024

Ballot organizers: County 'inflated' cost estimate for commissioners expansion

Jackson County for All offers alternative numbers at town hall

Rogue Valley Times - 03/07/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Mary Sinclair

Experience on a five-member county board proved its value

Here’s a personal perspective on the current effort to restructure the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 03/07/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Michael Sawicky

Measures not the same in Jackson, Josephine counties

I would like to offer a correction and clarification to an issue addressed in a letter to the editor.

KOBI News  - 03/06/2024

‘Jackson County For All’ Town Hall update

Jackson County For All currently has three measures on the upcoming May ballot.

KOBI News  - 03/05/2024

Jackson County officials responding to election law allegations

Jackson County’s administrator is responding after the board of commissioners was accused of violating election law and the county was sent a cease and desist letter.

Rogue Valley Times - 03/05/2024

Jackson County staff attorney refutes elections law violation allegations

Chief petitioner for Jackson County for All, which is promoting three ballot measures on county commissioner makeup, also has requested a state investigation

Jefferson Public Radio  - 03/05/2024

Citizen group claims Jackson County violated elections law by opposing ballot measures

The nonpartisan group Jackson County For All of Us is requesting that the Oregon Secretary of State investigate county leadership.

KDRV Newwatch 12  - 03/04/2024

'Jackson County for All' requests state investigate county commissioners over election law violations

Jackson County for All has confirmed a request they sent to the Secretary of State’s Office to investigate alleged election law violations by the Jackson County Commissioners, administrator and counsel.

Rogue Valley Times - Poll Results - 03/03/2024

County commissioners ballot measures: A salary decrease if the board expands?

Over these three weeks, we'll use our online poll to address each of the ballot measures that propose changes ...

Rogue Valley Times - Our View - 03/02/2024

Election enters a new phase, and so does our letters policy

As we have from time to time, during this first year and change as a news outlet ...

KOBI News  - 03/01/2024

“Jackson County For All” requesting state to investigate co. commissioners

“Jackson County For All” is asking the Secretary of State’s office to investigate Jackson County Commissioners for potentially violating state election laws.

Rogue Valley Times - Featured - 03/01/2024

Chief petitioner for ballot measures accuses Jackson County of elections law violations

Denise Krause of Jackson County for All sends cease and desist letter, plans to request state investigation; no response yet from county officials

Rogue Valley Times - 02/29/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Karen F. Shrader

Commissioner measures could have detrimental effects

I'm writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed change of increasing the number of Jackson County Commissioners from three to five.

Rogue Valley Times - 02/29/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Sue Kupillas

Former commissioner: County offices don't need expansion

These are my thoughts on the commissioner ballot measures. As a former commissioner ...

Rogue Valley Times - 02/29/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Laura Ahearn

County can afford change that comes with ballot measures

That only three commissioners would govern Jackson County was decided in 1853 when the territorial census counted only 1,506 humans (ignoring Native Americans) and 930 white male voters.

Rogue Valley Times - 02/27/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Linda Barnett

Commissioners, administrator should get priorities straight

County Administrator Danny Jordan is trying to dissuade the voters from increasing the number of commissioners from three to five. He uses a potential monetary tax increase as his argument.

Rogue Valley Times - 02/27/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Sally Edwards

Commissioners object to expanded board for financial reasons

It is unfair for taxpayers to pay a salary of two and a half times that of a working individual in Jackson County to a county commissioner.

Rogue Valley Times - 02/22/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Beverly Vondra

Urban elite’ commissioners don’t represent the majority

Why are the Jackson County Commissioners scrambling so hard and exploiting taxpayer-paid employees and resources ...

Rogue Valley Times - 02/22/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Kathryn Brooks

Additional costs are small price to pay to change board

I proudly helped gather signatures on the three ballot measure petitions that were circulated by Jackson County For All ...

Rogue Valley Times - 02/22/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Alan Journet

Only three commissioners aren’t enough to serve valley

In 1852, when Jackson County was established, the population was under 4,000 ...

KOBI News  - 02/21/2024

Petition submitted to get residents to vote on adding 2 more commissioners

Jackson County voters may soon get the chance to change how the county operates.

KOBI News  - 02/21/2024

Jackson County organization files grievance against board of commissioners

The group behind three ballot measures in Jackson County is filing a grievance against the county’s board of commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 02/20/2024

Jackson County For All submits 34,945 petition signatures

Jackson County For All on Tuesday celebrated the rapid work of 198 volunteers and 14 coordinators ...

Daily Courier - 02/20/2024

Group says it has enough signatures to get Jackson County charter measures on ballot

A group that wants to make Jackson County government nonpartisan said Monday it has enough signatures ...

Daily Courier - 02/16/2024

Tension over charter proposal at meeting of Jackson County commissioners

Ballot measures that would restructure the way government works in both Jackson County and Josephine County ...

Jefferson Public Radio  - 02/16/2024

Proposal to redesign Jackson County board of commissioners qualifies for May ballot

The group Jackson County of All of Us has proposed restructuring the local Board of Commissioners’ positions.

Ashland News - 02/16/2024

Administrator: Jackson County for All initiatives would cost county hundreds of thousands

Danny Jordan said he wanted to dispel claims he’s heard that expanding to five county commissioners would not lead to added costs; Jackson County For All rep says group has been ‘completely transparent’

Rogue Valley Times - 02/15/2024

Jackson County commissioner ballot measures hit their signature target

Jackson County for All has gathered enough signatures to qualify for May primary

KOBI News  - 02/16/2024

Group wants extra Jackson County commissioners on ballot

A local group is still moving forward with its initiative and hopes to qualify for the May ballot to change how Jackson County is run.

Up Close with Peter Sage - 02/14/2024

Charter Update Group meets petition goal

Jackson County for All initiative logs in over 10,700 signatures -- 3,300 more than the required number.

Daily Courier - 02/07/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Laura Ahearn

Government reform is needed in Jackson County

Arguments in favor of passing the three grassroots initiatives to reform Jackson County government keep mounting

KSKQ Radio  - 02/01/2024

Life Matters with Renee Miereanu

Denise Krause talks about the ballot measures to change the way the Jackson County Board of Commissioners operates

KDRV News  - 01/30/2024

Newswatch 12 at 11 a.m.

The Jackson County For All ballot measure initiatives have 88% of the required signatures to get on the May 2024 ballot

Rogue Valley Times - 02/01/2024 - Letter to the Editor, John Enders

Support measures to change Board of Commissioners

As a former reporter and editor who covered the Jackson County commissioners for a number of years, I've seen ...

Daily Courier - 01/24/2024

Petitioners seeking change to Jackson County charter, structure of government

Members of a grassroots group called Jackson County For All were canvassing outside the store ...

Rogue Valley Times - 01/19/2024 - Guest column, Peter Sage

Partisanship keeps candidates from running

A recent Rogue Valley Times editorial noted that no Democrat has yet announced a plan to run for a position on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 01/18/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Laura Ahearn

Commissioners show why we need nonpartisan board

Jackson County commissioners convene their weekly staff meetings ...

KOBI News  - 01/11/2024

10pm News

Ballot measures aim to change Jackson Co. board of commissioners

Rogue Valley Times - 01/10/2024

Group promoting county commissioner ballot initiatives now targets May primary

An accelerated timeline could send a trio of ballot measures to the May primary election

Up Close with Peter Sage - 01/09/2024

Charter Update: Signatures Top 8,000

The Jackson County, Oregon charter-update group now leans toward a May election.

Rogue Valley Times - 01/06/2024 - Letter to the Editor, Marilyn Hawkins

Consider county commissioners motivations on petition drive

Been following the local news lately? You’ve no doubt heard of the Jackson County for All petition drive.

KDRV News  - 12/29/2023

Newswatch 12 This Morning

Group petitions change for Jackson County Commissioners

Rogue Valley Times - 12/29/2023

On the Rogue Valley's horizon for 2024

A look ahead - Proposed restructuring of the Board of Commissioners

KDRV.Com - 12/28/2023

Petitions filed against Jackson County Board of Commissioners

Three petitions could change the way the Jackson County Board of Commissioners looks and operates.

Rogue Valley Times - 12/11/2023 - Letter to the Editor, John Felling

Commissioners initiative

Commissioner’s column was dressed up with ‘nonsense’

Rogue Valley Times - 12/08/2023 - Guest column, Bill Thorndike Jr.

Commissioners structure outdated, exclusive

As a lifelong valley resident, I have watched the Jackson County Board of Commissioners with interest.

Rogue Valley Times - 12/07/2023 - Letter to the Editor, Bev Vondra

Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners needs to have more voices

Rogue Valley Times - 12/04/2023 - Guest column, David Gilmore

Expanded, nonpartisan board best for our county

I respectfully must disagree with Commissioner Dave Dotterrer’s assessment on the structure of our county’s Board of Commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 12/04/2023 - Letter to the Editor, Peter Toogood

Disagreements on commissioners

Expanded commissioners board could represent us all

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/26/2023

Easy Sunday: Part Two

Update - Jackson County Counsel:  It's on me.

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/25/2023

District Attorney backs charter-update group

Beth Heckert, Jackson County District Attorney, tells Jackson County to offer fee discount.

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/25/2023

The County is sticking to its position.

The county says the charter-change group isn't "media" and couldn't widely disseminate the information on commissioner salaries.

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/24/2023

Is this blog "Media"?

Jackson County, Oregon raises the question: What is "media" anymore? Jackson County is drawing attention to county commissioner "salary creep."

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/23/2023

Jackson County resists sharing Commissioner salary data

County charges charter-change group $284.64. Message to citizens: the county has something to hide.

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/19/2023

Easy Sunday: Bring it on.

I don't fear opposition to the Jackson County, Oregon charter change proposals. The opposition will backfire.

Up Close with Peter Sage - 11/18/2023

Jackson County Charter Update

The petition drive to update the Jackson County charter hits halfway point.

Press Release - 11/13/2023

Petition for District Attorney's Review of Denial of Records Request and Denial of Waiver

Public Records Request to Jackson County for County Commissioner Salary information

We are facing obstacles trying to obtain public information on commissioner salary data from Jackson County through the public records request process. A Petition for Review and Memorandum with supporting information was submitted to the Jackson County District Attorney.

Rogue Valley Times - 10/19/2023

Think before you ink

League of Women Voters to explain election-reform measures.

KSKQ Radio - 10/18/2023

We the People - Jackson County for All

Jason Houk and Brad Smith talk with Denise Krause about three ballot measures that will change the makeup of Jackson County commissioners.

Rogue Valley Times - 10/17/2023

Initiative would expand county commission to 5, lower commissioner salaries and make the board nonpartisan

An effort is underway to ask voters in 2024 to increase the number of Jackson County commissioners from three to five and make the elected office nonpartisan.

Jefferson Public Radio - 09/19/2023

Campaign to change Jackson County government aims for November 2024 vote

Denise Krause and Dave Gilmour about an effort to add two seats to Jackson County Commission.

Jefferson Public Radio - 09/18/2023

One vision for the reshaping of Josephine County government, from Citizens for Responsible Government

Josephine County political activists propose changes

Rogue Valley Times - 09/16/2023

Three initiatives aim to shake up county commission

Signatures will be gathered starting Monday for a trio of voter initiatives that could change the look and function of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

Jefferson Public Radio - 07/11/2023

Effort underway to restructure Jackson County Board of Commissioners

The final decision could go before voters next fall in the form of three ballot measures.

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